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    Sainsbury’s check into the convenience game

    Viewpoint Lite | 06/11/15

    Sainsbury’s are trialling new store designs in six locations across the UK in response to changing customer needs and shopping styles.¬†

    Among the changes being tested, Sainsbury’s is responding to increased pressures to meet customer expectations by looking to explicitly cater to specific shopping missions. For example, stores will feature Food to Go sections by the checkouts as well as a larger range of checkout options, and a fresh bakery in close proximity, specifically designed for the speedy, convenience conscious shoppers. Sainsbury’s SmartShop app is an example of their new checkout options, allowing customers to scan shopping lists at home, locate their items on a map on their phone and checkout using just an app and handset.

    A different layout is also being trialled adding to the ease and speed at which customers will be able to shop and allowing the store to offer more choice in a range of products. Notably, around 30% more space will be dedicated to Tu clothing, kitchen and homeware.

    The new stores are being used as a method of engaging customers and creating a conversation between them and the employees. Feedback at this stage is vital to the success of the long term design, allowing Sainsbury’s to capitalise on the more popular features and modify the less popular. It is clear that not everything will work but from a customer’s perspective, it’s nice to see they’re trying!



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