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    IKEA goes Green

    Viewpoint Lite | 05/11/15

    Ikea Group and Ikea Foundation have pledged €1 billion on renewable energy and climate change policies, particularly in nations and communities most impacted by climate change.

    The pledge builds on previously invested €1.5 billion which has been used by Ikea to improve wind and solar power technologies since 2009. This investment coupled with others of Ikea’s green initiatives has resulted in the company being on track to becoming energy independent/ neutral- producing as much energy as it consumes.

    The new funding looks to help less well off communities to increase their resilience to climate change and adopt renewable energy technologies and initiatives across the community as a whole.

    Further to this, Ikea have announced the opening of four eco friendly stores in India, which will feature solar panels on the store roofs, and in car parks. Ikea’s carbon footprint will also be the focus of development, with partnerships with suppliers utilised to improve energy efficiencies.

    Ikea have identified the potential for huge savings, which, in turn, translate into enormous reductions in carbon dioxide emissions, demonstrating the dyadic benefits related to going green within the retail industry.

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