Smart Retail Technology

Retail technology is an ever changing beast. More powerful microchips, higher definition screens and fantastic new software drives this market, with the end product being a wealth of big data. At Valley we have been at the cutting edge of this technology for many years and are lucky to have some very prominent partners to support our innovation.

Smart store technology is allowing us to know better how the shopper is engaging with their wants and desires.

• Imagine a store with eyes and ears that feeds all important data back to you daily
• Imagine knowing what the shopper had bought before and what he is looking for today
Imagine knowing that the lady who had entered the store was going to walk out because
she couldn’t find the item she wanted in her size
• Imagine knowing that three people needed assistance from a staff member,
but couldn’t find someone before walking out
• Imagine a shopper looking online and being able to trace the customer journey to store and the purchase of the product

Tomorrows technology is available today – and more! WOW.




We will be checking out all the latest technology at this years AR and VR World in October in London, if you would like to come along too CLICK HERE to find out how to get tickets.

Our relationship with Intel

Valley is proud to be associated with global technology giant Intel and we are working on some fabulous programmes together. When intelligently deployed, Facial recognition technology, iBeacons, RFID and screen content management will deliver the ultimate in highly targeted and totally relevant marketing content. Online and offline, on your smartphone screen or at the shelf edge, our combined expertise will put cutting edge technology at your fingertips and delight and engage your shopper in ways you didn’t think were possible.

iBeacon solutions

The use of smartphones in store presents retailers and brands with an unrivalled opportunity to communicate and engage. iBeacons offer a seamless and integrated experience, solving problems that people have been trying to resolve for years. iBeacons enable a direct link to be drawn between a shopper viewing a promotion and then making a subsequent purchase, clicks to bricks measurement. 

Screen networks

Digital screen networks have the ability to engage, entertain, disrupt and inform, bringing sound, light and movement to the physical store environment. Video walls, interactive displays, projection, holograms and 3D effects are just some of the networked solutions that Valley have deployed as part of our ongoing relationships with some of the world’s best known brands and retailers.

Augmented Reality

Valley was challenged with showcasing Audi’s new A1 model throughout showrooms in the UK. This was done by using AR technology. This amazing technology gave the potential car buyer a 3d feel for what the car would be like, plus all the options available to them, for example colour and the accessories., This ultimately helped them purchase the car well before the car was on the market. 

Facial Recognition

Facial recognition and audience detection technology transform your digital signage into an intelligent, situation-aware content delivery system. The technology works in conjunction with digital displays to sense viewer responsiveness and determine gender and age group, then adapt messages accordingly.  At Valley, audience detection and shopper analytics are just one of the components that we use to deliver better, more immersive retail experiences.

“Enhance your shopper experience”

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