Shopper Marketing

Through insight-led shopper marketing and retail design, we influence more shoppers to buy.

The Shopper Agency is one of the fastest growing Shopper marketing companies in Europe. Driving insight, creativity and proven commercial activity we have already attracted global retailers and brands to our successful methodologies.

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Behavioural based Insight

We have studied over 35,000 shoppers in the past 12 months. Many depth studies, both on and off line, have positively influenced our clients abilities to sell more and gain more in their respective categories and markets. Using both qualitative and quantitative methodologies we observe, coach and influence how shoppers buy. Spanning many markets from Health and Beauty to Electronics, Gaming and Sports our primary insights deliver quantifiable bottom line benefits.

Engagement Planning

The cornerstone of any successful shopper marketing activity is strategic touch point planning. Insight brings rich and meaningful behavioural understanding, but interpreting it into meaningful activity to help influence purchase is a core skill for us. We carefully study how each engagement across the campaign will help influence behavior, choice and ultimately buying action.

Shopper Campaigns

Everything we create for a shopper campaign is developed to influence purchase. We build influencing marketing campaigns with the shoppers needs and triggers at the centre. Our award winning campaigns integrate across online and offline channels, from B2B to B2C. We stay at the cutting edge of empowering ideas with talented creative teams, underpinned by pragmatic activation specialists who ensure all our ideas work hard across retail.

Campaign Metrics

We understand that all activities today are measured by objective results. We enable our clients to measure their retail activities through a selection of proven methodologies. We have already delivered many successful campaigns through 2015, increasing category penetration, average transaction values, rate of purchase and overall performance in market. It’s our ability to prove our campaigns’ commercial return that enriches our client relationships.

“Brexit and the retail sector

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