Innovative AdiZero Golf Shoe Display nominated for POPAI Award

Adidas Golf launched its breakthrough AdiZero Golf Shoe in January 2013. Marketed as the lightest Tour Shoe on the market, the launch display unit, designed and produced by Valley Group, was nominated for its category award during the recent Marketing Week Live exhibition at Olympia, London. Winners will be presented with either Gold, Silver or Bronze Awards at a prestigious industry dinner in London on 1st October.

The advertising programme for this groundbreaking show was fronted by Tour professional Sergio Garcia and other key tour players in the Adidas stable. The main theme of the campaign was the light weight of the shoe, so Valley’s brief was to develop a display that would instantly project this message to the consumer was key, hence the idea of trying to make the shoe float.

As a result of the media marketing campaigns undertaken by the brand, driving consumers to store, the ‘Floating Shoe Display’ made the shoe instantly recognisable when consumers came to try and purchase. As a result, the AdiZero Golf Shoe has been the fastest selling shoe on the market since its launch and consequently, propelled the shoe to the number one fastest selling shoe in the 1st Quarter of 2013.

A total of 3500 units were manufactured by Valley, 2000 for the UK market and 1500 for the US market. These were then installed into the targeted retail environments of On Course Golf Pro Shops & Specialist Golf Retail Outlets. Produced from synthetic nylon shoelaces stretched over a wire framework, the wire frame was shaped into the desired form and then fed through the centre of the lace. Once completed the Golf Shoe was fitted into place so it gives the impression that the shoe is suspended and floating on its laces.

Adidas Golf also ran a competition for all the Pro Shops where the shoe is stocked, to win a pair of shoes for the Pro. In return the Pro’s had to send in a photograph of their store display to qualify. Adidas received over 700 entries and then they commissioned their sales teams to visit each of their regional Pro Shops that had not entered in order to ensure the POS support delivered was being utilized. To date they have a 95% success rate in the display having been utilised, as a result of the competition and the store visits.

Adidas ran multi level media campaigns to support the launch of the shoe all based on the lightweight story. Advertising was undertaken in the following areas: Sky TV linked to all golf shows and Tournament Coverage, Golf Magazines, Internet (golf web sites Such as and virally on YouTube) Billboards & Bus Shelters & Public Transport.

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