Life in the Retail Space

What’s happening in the universal retail domain

The IFA Issue

Latest Issue

The new edition of Life In The Retail Space brings you the very best of this year’s IFA consumer electronics show, brought to you by our very own Dr.Retail, Valley CEO James Haggas.


Green Retail

We have an extremely special edition of Life in the Retail Space for you this month with features from the wonderful Ruth Harrison, Matt Lyons and of course, Kate Hardcastle.


From online to store, from store to online.

Are you managing the gap in omni-channel marketing?

The Shopper Agency

This month The Shopper Agency have taken over the publication to bring us insight into driving experiential ideas to the retail space.

Digitising the Retail Space

In this month’s issue, we explore the future of retail marketing. As technology increasingly influences our every day lives, brands and retailers turn to innovations in mobile marketing and iBeacons to aid the shopper journey – every step of the way.

The Science of Persuasion

Latest Issue
This month’s publication focuses on the shopper who ultimately influences and leads the changes that we as marketers see and experience.

“Enhance your shopper experience”

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