World Cup and sport point-of-sale

Following on from this weekend’s England friendly, here at Valley we’re all thinking about the World Cup. We’re avid football fans, but it’s also great to see how big brands use landmark sporting events such as this to promote their product in a new and interesting way.

Valley has experience in helping iconic brands create unique sport-themed point of sale. For example Greene King for the ix Nations, Red Bull for the X-Fighters and Lucozade for the FA Premier League.

Using sporting events and seasonality to attract customers is always fun. Sport-themed displays make a big impression on your customers, differentiate your products from the competition and stimulate interest in your product.

By creating a unique sport-themed point of sale you catch the attention of your customers. Your product may then be associated with all the good feelings associated with that sport such as fun, friends, good times, the weekend, etc. Some brands are able to boost sales by piggybacking on big sporting events that are evocative with consumers.

I found this really creative sports themed display by Vitamin Water whilst looking online. Vitamin Water created a stadium, complete with a pitch and players with their bottles of products. Click on the link to have a look at the photos – quite unique!

“Did you know we are 125 years old?” 

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