Why Facebook will Fail

Most of us believe that a company like Facebook will never fail its primary aim and will never die like many others did. This strong belief has been increased after the company filled for a 5 billion IPO. However, on further inspection it is clear that Facebook, like most other organisations- has a series of faults which could just be its’ undoing…

Facebook was founded in 2004 by Mark Zuckerberg who decided to see further standing on the shoulders of friendster and other networks that didn’t have success due to the way they behaved. Nowadays Facebook is a power, it is not just a company, but it is something that goes forward.

At the end of December 2011 Facebook had 845 million active users. The site had 483 million daily active users in December 2011. More than 425 million people were active on mobile devices. Facebook is available in 70 languages.

That is Facebook. Unbelievable? No, it is not unbelievable. This is just the result of years and years of work and passion. Facebook gave to the users for the first time the possibility to interact with the others, to find friends, girlfriends/boyfriends and relatives. It probably anticipated things that we didn’t think existed.

In a few words it is the most interesting tool I have ever seen, but now the question is will it fail ? Will Facebook lose its users? Is this possible? Are we going to face the decay of one of the great tools of the 21st century?

I believe that the answer could be yes. Maybe it will happen in a decade, or maybe in three decades, but one day we will see Facebook going down. It will go down for several reasons and I would like to share with you what I a see inside Facebook’s patterns.

Lack of Privacy They are seriously working on this matter, but it seems that they are doing three steps ahead and two backwards. They should improve it and they should show to the users in a serious and good way that their data will be protected forever.

Data Why should all my data be kept by Facebook for the next centuries? This is a good question and Zuck hasn’t replied yet to it. There is no reason to save all my data forever and most of all when I delete my account everything related to it should be deleted. Why don’t they do it ? It seems they are obsessed with control and managing people. They want to make the world a better place, but they want to do it in their way. They have introduced a new feature to delete permanently all the data, but why should I follow this process? Wouldn’t it be easier to delete everything when I decide to leave Facebook?

Software I am pretty sure that this could be the main concern. Facebook doesn’t care about what the users think. They constantly update their software because (I guess) their are afraid of what Google is doing with G+. It is always cool to have a software update with new features, but it is not cool that the software changes every six months. Why should we be obliged to have timeline? Who asked for it ? What Facebook didn’t understand is that 845 million of people live on the site. Facebook has become the home for many people. When you change and modify my home constantly I could be a little bit irritated. Instead, they should consider feedback and they should let the users choose what feature of Facebook they want.

Marketing and Advertising Normally, the average Facebook user doesn’t look at banners and so doesn’t care about it; but sometimes they are very intrusive and it seems that they are looking at you. Facebook has all your data and so it shows you banners that could interest you. In my case, there are always ads regarding pc, tech and software. Isn’t it a little bit weird? They are showing things that could be very interesting for me, but at the same time they are violating my privacy

Apps The apps have the same problems of the software, because they are not stable. I mean, I have been using the Facebook iPad app for a while and it still seems they didn’t understand the user’s needs. They changed the app twice and the first release was very bad. They really didn’t think about how a user communicates with his friends and so it was difficult to type messages in the chat. I am underlining this point because we are talking about a company that has 3000+ employees.

All these factors could cause the decay of a great company who has shaped the way we see the world today. We do not hate them, we just love them so much, but sometimes we need to underline their mistakes. With the born of Google plus and the raising popularity of Twitter who knows what it is going to be next…

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