The shopping experience and the six second rule

During this festive period I’ve found myself thinking about how brands are frequently challenged with capturing consumer loyalty – especially at this time of year. In a crowded market place, it is essential to find ways to set themselves apart from the competition.

Delivering a stand-out experience in-store provides this opportunity. Point of purchase is part of the experience, and suppliers are required to design, innovate and provide a fresh approach to evoke consumer emotion. Point of purchase is where your brand-building is tested; on average, consumers will spend only six seconds seeking a preferred brand before settling for an alternative.

A retail experience that evokes the right emotions within the target audience is vital. To create this, we need to understand these emotions. Consumer preference stems from positive emotional associations. With 65% of communication being non-verbal, an experience should span all the senses.

At Valley, we have developed research techniques that enable us to analyse the consumer emotions, both conscious and unconscious, that combine to create an unforgettable experience. We use these discoveries to map the consumer journey at an emotional level while looking at how different stimuli are received by the consumer at each stage.

This provides brands with an understanding of the role played by the retail experience in the customer journey, enabling them to improve their chances of success.

We go beyond the traditional point of purchase approach to look at the communication tactics already in place and find ways to provide a more holistic offer. These might include staff training, online guides and ‘mystery shopper’ checks. As technology and environmental considerations develop, we are combining this with interactive point of purchase.

In-store marketing is the most significant tool to drive sales growth. Brands are built in the mind of the consumer, through experiences. Thanks to our fresh, forward-thinking approach, our clients have enjoyed an average sales uplift of 30%, as well as gaining credibility and kudos from unique, eye-catching and innovative retail prominence.

Point of purchase and an overall communication campaign allows brands to maximise the opportunities within the retail environment, which has a strong role to play in creating brand perception, as well as securing that all-important sale. Future winners within the point-of-purchase industry will continue to create those experiences, which are key to building brands. Those who don’t will get left behind.

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