Taking traditional retail to a whole new level

This post is a bit different to my usual Point of Purchase observations, but this story from creative ideas blog, Springwise, really interested me and I felt it deserved a mention here.

Traditional luxury department store Fortnum and Mason have recently decided to take local produce to a whole new level by sourcing honey from beehives kept above their store.

Four bee hives have been placed high up on the roof of their building in Picadilly in order to create the unique urban honey to be sold in store. The pollen from chestnut and lime trees, as well as a wide variety of other flowering plants, is expected to make this one of a kind urban honey, which will be on sale from May 2009.

It is believed that a 227g jar of Piccadilly Honey will be priced at around £10, which for such a unique product from such a prestigious retailer is, in my opinion, great value. Adding to the unique quality of this idea, there are two webcams which offer customers the chance to see the bees up close making the honey.

I think this is a great local approach and ensures customers not only know exactly where their products are sourced, but also that they are great quality. It is also a unique tactic for such a traditional store to implement, which makes it even more appealing and interesting.

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