Swatch demonstrates great in-store point-of-sale

The design and layout of a shop should accomplish a few basic things. It should draw people in, be creative enough to highlight the product but not distract from it, be easy to navigate and deliver the brand’s key message.

Swatch is the maker of fashionable watches and its store on Broadway in New York just had a makeover. The new shop interior ticks all the right boxes. It is creative, innovative, fun and sends the message that Swatch is all those things too.

First, the white-on-white interior is more of an off white-on-off white interior and gives a richer hue than the cliché whites. It has a large graphic on the wall of a watch so without even going inside you know what they’re selling. The brightly coloured watches that Swatch is known for stand out against the white interiors, so the products are the main attraction.

The display counters are all ingeniously shaped, reminding everyone of clock gears and cogs. The counters aren’t too close together making the store easy to navigate between styles. The counters, which aren’t really like counters at all, are lower—much like a museum. With the lower surfaces and the lights perfectly positioned, the watches look like a piece of art. If you look above, the watches actually have been used for art. Hundreds of different coloured watches make up the looming chandeliers.

Innovative design draws people in and the product stands out. The store is clutter free and easy to navigate and they delivered a key message—creative, innovative and fun.

Swatch’s new store is a great example of how to create shop interiors and displays. Think about your message and then design a shop or display that conveys that message for you.

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