Store front hits the right note

When designing store displays, the main goal is to capture attention. The Guitar Store took that concept to the street, literally.

I have to admit I think there are a lot of tacky shop fronts in the UK. Some shops completely ignore the historical architecture of the existing building with bright and repulsive colours. Others keep the historical aspect of the architecture and blend in with the rest of the building, but this shop has been creative with their store front.

Looking like a speaker amp, it captures the attention of those in the street. It certainly will capture music lovers who may be a target audience, but I think it draws attention from all passer-bys.

Store displays are designed to send a message and are intended to remain static. Many are designed for short period of time, such as the span of a season or trend. A clothing retailer, for example, will change it’s displays weekly or monthly. It will have to change it’s colours, style and attitude to keep up with the trends. This store front works because the products the shop sells are very specific and do not tend to change with the wind.

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