Recipease making in store cooking easy

I was reading my feeds this morning and came across a really interesting post on Springwise. It is talking about a new in-store retail unit that is really interactive and cutting edge. The unit has been designed to support Jamie Oliver’s new venture, Recipease. This product gives consumers the opportunity to assemble their own ready-to-cook meals, made from pre-prepared ingredients, made before their arrival.

Consumers can book their sessions online in advance, then simply turn up and find all the ingredients they need, washed, chopped and full prepared. I think this is a great way to encourage healthier eating and appeal to those who or short on time – or simply don’t like peeling spuds!

The service is very tailored, from the ready prepared meals for people in a hurry, to full cooking lessons for those who have a bit more time and maybe want to increase their culinary skills.

Recipease claims to be a place “where anyone can learn to cook and make great food.”

This is not only a great consumer idea, but it is supported by a truly innovative and interactive in-store execution. It embraces the concept of consumer interactivity and aims to equip people with valuable skills to take away with them.

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