Real time retail marketing at its Royal best.

While the rest of the world was concerned about whether it was a girl or a boy, in the retail sector, social media teams were conjuring up Royal baby tweets and mini campaigns hours before the birth.

Coca Cola tweeted a picture of 2 bottles using their “Share a Coke” campaign with the tag line… wait for it, it’s ingenious… “Share a Coke with Wills and Kate”. That must’ve taken them a while to think up.

Oreo reaped the benefits of real time marketing, tweeting “Prepare the Royal bottle service!” just a minute after the birth and featuring a picture of a baby’s milk bottle with an Oreo and the tag line “Long live the Creme”. This tweet alone received over 600 retweets at press time but managed to cause some controversy- of course.

According to Twitter UK, there were more than 25,300 tweets per minute following the new prince’s birth and since Kate arrived at the hospital, the #Royalbaby hashtag has been used more than 900,000 times!

However, don’t think that the marketing storm is over. Beware, this show of Royal themed marketing is just the beginning. Unilever has created Royal baby themed packs of Persil detergent and fabric softener and there are even rumors from across the pond that Barney’s in New York is selling Royal baby clothes.

It’s official- the retail world, not unlike the rest of the world, has gone Royal baby crazy.

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