POS is touchy

To some, point-of-sale may be to the extent of a difficult-to-fold cardboard display box at the till, but don’t be too basic. Despite the recession, adding technology can improve a company’s bottom line.

Customers have fancy phones that they can touch, talk to and have the ability to get any information they please from a variety of apps. People are used to touching and interacting and want that interactivity in their retail experience.

Some of the first “techy” in-store displays were TVs on stands. Now there is much more like Bluetooth, touch-screens and image recognition. Customers want to immerse themselves in the experience. They should be able to create, share and have fun and that’s a whole lot more than watching a plasma on the wall.

There is so much you can do from customising a display and tailoring it to your audience to demographic targeting using face recognition.

Using all this technology for your shop can be fun and exciting, but be smart. Keep it easy to use and informative. Also, make sure that using it integrates seamlessly into customers’ shopping experience. Humanize it-make it entertaining and appropriate.

Hopefully, your point-of-sale extends beyond a Vasoline lip balm holder at the check-out, but if not, maybe it’s time to update.

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