New Innovation in Retail Environments

This really is the future in Point of Purchase…to the extreme. Imagine standing outside the store of your choice doing your usual window shopping, thinking, dreaming of what you could buy, when suddenly at your finger tips you are able to explore the entire store, viewing which products are available or on sale without actually walking inside? The concept sounds like a convenient innovation for the consumer…but is this sapping the life out of the shopping experience? and more importantly is it deterring shoppers from entering shops and making those ever so crucial impulse purchases? You make up your mind…

This innovation does however emphasise the importance of traditional P-O-P in the retail environment though. Its ability to enhance a brand or product in a desired footprint still offers more of a story to the customer than a generic digital offering outdside of the retail environment…

Take a look and make your mind up

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“Enhance your shopper experience”

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