Maximise the benefits POP can provide

Cutting costs seems to be a priority for retailers and brands in 2010, meaning price is ultimately prioritised over quality and creativity when making P-O-P decisions.

P-O-P suppliers can bring innovation, expertise and experience to the table to help you deliver results for your customers brand or product within a realistic budget. Also working together with your supplier can ensure your customers reap rewards by delivering an effective, low cost campaign.

However, to avoid ending up with an ineffective P-O-P campaign, Doctor Retail suggests the following 3 top tips:

1. Be thorough and detailed about your goals. Don’t be brief with your brief. Combing through your brief with the supplier will help you make the most of your budget.

2. Use your point-of-purchase supplier’s insight and involve them early on in the campaign planning process. Let their experience save you money.

3. Learn from the past. Review previous projects and address what did and didn’t work. Using these findings, you can improve effectiveness of future projects.

“Why interactive works in retail”

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