Maisie the Marketer… not the dog




I just thought I would write a quick introduction and explanation before I proceed to blog in a way which can be described as far from expert. My name is Maisie Richardson and probably the most interesting thing about me is that I have been lucky enough to be blessed with the same name as the Valley’s dog (I’m sure that’s why James gave me this job…)

I am currently studying at the University of Leeds, working towards achieving my MSc International Marketing Management, following the successful completion (thank goodness) of a BSc International Management with American Business Studies from the University of Manchester. During my time as an undergrad I was lucky enough to also study at Emory University in Atlanta, so if, upon reading some of my blogs, you notice any “American-isms” or “Southern-isms” to be exact, I can only apologise!!

I was drafted in to take care of some of the marketing and PR for Valley around 2 years ago now, and since then my role has evolved to include showing off my not so expert skills in the world of blogging and acting as editor of the wonderfully successful Life in the Retail Space. I wouldn’t call myself a novice but I am here to learn and improve, so if you have any comments or suggestions please feel free to get in touch- I don’t bite (neither does Maisie 2 fortunately)!!

I intend to post a few blogs a month but if you’re sitting on the edge of your chair in anticipation for the next one, feel free to follow @thevalleygroup on Twitter or  Linkedin, where there will be a number of jaw dropping, out of this world, unbelievably exciting articles and blogs posted most days- Enjoy!

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