Its clear….Technology has a place?

Looking for something different? – that extra inch of creativity? – that added WOW?.. all desirables for every In-store Marketing campaign most would agree?

But how can these requirements actually be achieved?

Often these are desirables for a brand in their search for that all important ROI from their limited marketing budget. Point of Purchase however continues to deliver impressive value vs. sales within an ever evolving marketing mix. However most marketers would profess ultimately there needs to be something else to connect with their target audience.

Enter ‘Technology’… Something not exactly new to the retail marketing arena by any means but does start to answer some of the aforementioned requirements.

Groundbreaking technology such as Augmented Reality is now a fully integrated retail environment, whilst most importantly being fully embraced by consumers. AR accomplishes its goal, it sends the consumer through a multi-dimension product journey that is visibly astonishing whilst making the consumer beg the question ‘How does it do that’? Whether the product in question be in a box, on a shelf or sat in a showroom AR fully envelopes the consumer through its interactivity – moving, touching, opening and turning – all motions that AR enables you to interact directly with the product (all be it a simulation!). Its flexibility is unrivalled with a growing number of applications – AR is utilised in so many disparate retail and buying locations.

So is this an example of the ‘more’ that marketers are looking for within retail? It certainly ticks the boxes when it comes to creativity, wow and point of difference and above all else educating the consumer further about the product with the fabled ‘try before you buy’ philosophy. Yes it does all these things and yes its proof that technology clearly has a place but the 10 million pound question is – does technology convert a consumer into a customer? Is the interactivity and wow that surrounds technology a passport to more sales or do brands have another agenda when using this approach? Is it more about building an experience around the brand and elevating it to a certain platform?

What is clear is that standard retail marketing still leads the way in terms of value and guaranteed sales uplift – Technology is a perfect accompaniment to this and some may argue more effective in communicating more complex products or services. As we speed to towards 2012 what other innovations lye around the corner.

Come back and read more soon as we explore future Retail technology!

“Why interactive works in retail”

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