iPads, iPods & Macs all over Aeropostale’s cool new prototype store

Aeropostale recently unveiled its brand new prototype store that’s supposed to propel the brand into the future. The teen retailer’s goal is to spark an “emotional connection” with consumers, reports Sharon Edelman at Women’s Wear Daily.

It’s pretty high-tech too. There are iPods in fitting rooms so that people can personalize the music while they’re trying things on. Apple desktops and iPads are throughout the store for customers to use to scan products and see reviews. The iPads have a build-your-own-outfit guide too. Another interesting addition is a jukebox for customers to vote on the music that plays in the store.

“We’re adding a unique element of fun. Our mantra was, it has to be simple, it has to be easy and it has to work,” EVP of customer engagement Mary Jo Pile said. “The technology we integrated adds to the service element. Shoppers will be able to access our e-commerce site [in the store] and we’ll be able to show more sizes and online exclusives.”

“Why interactive works in retail”

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