Great point-of-sale isn’t rocket science

No matter how innovative, quirky or unique a POS is, there are basic standards that, in my opinion, successful POS should meet.

Obviously, it should be visually appealing; the display should draw you in and spark your interest. I personally like bright and inviting.

Following this, it should be balanced. It looks nice when the products and display have somewhat of a symmetry about them. When balancing something visually, it makes it easier to look at for the customer.

Keep it simple. Don’t over clutter the display. It can be confusing for the customer. Instead of luring them in and sending a desired message it can have the opposite effect. To manage this issue, make sure you focus on a theme. Your theme can be based on a colour, style, price, season, etc. By sticking to a theme, you can still be elaborate without the confusion.

Make the layout of the design easy to browse. Once you’ve got a customer’s attention, make sure that interaction with the display is easy and comfortable, leading the customer to buy more.

Those are some of the main notes I think a POS should hit. It’s simple for anyone to create no matter what the product or how high or low the budget.

I found this photo from another blog of a stall in Marrakesh. It brilliantly encompasses all of the points I mentioned above, proving the simplicity of point-of-sale.

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