Doctor Retail does Global Shop 2009

It’s that time of year again for Global Shop – so Dr Retail grabbed his suitcase and jetted off to the sunset strip.

And what a great trip it was! Not only did we get to see all the new technology being used across the industry, which we’re excited about implementing for our own clients, but also saw some fabulous displays across all the categories.

This year we spent more time looking at companies who could supply Valley with specialist materials at the best cost. Even with the current exchange rate, we managed to create some good leads and are already specifying certain suppliers to our customers.

The other area of interest to me were the battery powered LED screens. These have great potential to deliver a truly interactive message to the consumers, without the major problem of getting power to the fixture.

However, the winning display for me has to be the Dr Pepper FSU made out of their outer packaging. It was so simple but so clever and effective. Another stand out display was for the film ‘Bolt’. It used a corrugated backboard with a giant inflatable ball on the front section with the character in it – really fun and different.

A selection of images will be uploaded in the next few days so stay tuned. Overall a great trip – see you all next year!

“Did you know we are 125 years old?” 

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