Conveying value using point of purchase

Marketing magazine has reported that ‘power brands’ are refocusing their marketing activities and shifting a lot of attention to point-of-purchase (POP) in order to differentiate their products during these economically challenging times. Differentiation is going to be key in the run up to Christmas.

POP is set for an annual growth rate of 21% according to the Grocery Manufacturers Association.

Procter & Gamble have gone on record stating that ‘if [a marketing idea] doesn’t work at the store, it’s a miss’ and Diageo is advertising for two dedicated POP managers. A sure sign that as marketing budgets tighten, POP is a high-value opportunity to ensure your product is visible.

Value shift

Research by consumer analyst firm IGD has found a growing trend for consumers looking to find a bargain but also minimise wastage – BOGOFs and multi-buys are increasingly becoming seen as wasteful and consumer focus appears to have shifted to value in correlation with sensibility – hence why food retailers have refocused their messages to convey quality value instead of quantity value.

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