Communicate effectively & win the purchasing power of women

With Mothering Sunday fast approaching it’s fitting that the importance of targeted in-store communications towards the female population is highlighted.

80% of purchasing decisions in a family are made by women, with the proportion of female shoppers is increasing. It is generally known that women like to talk and communicate in a variety of ways so a good method to win favour with women is good in-store communication.

Most home electronics departments look the same – however this sector is particularly poor at marketing itself to women and tapping in to their purchasing power. Despite the fact that women currently make the decision concerning 75% of all purchases of technical goods, stores still communicate with male orientated strategies in mind!

Research shows that women are generally attracted by good function and good design more than by a particular technology. In-store Communication should therefore be in the form of attractive images and easy-to-understand information about the pros and cons of a product, rather than complicated technical information. The store should also have an inviting and welcoming atmosphere that would appease to a generally more design conscious female trait.

In most environments however, it is often the requirement that a communication must find a happy medium, being appealing to both gender audiences. This is where the true skill in creating a balanced message and design must be addressed.

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