Chocolate’s in bloom

I found a point of sale display, created by David Tonkinson, that is beautiful and creative. His brief was to design a confectionary chocolate and a POS to go along with it. The chocolate is moulded to form petals of a flower. You can then “pluck” the petals of chocolate to eat and share. The chocolate and its packaging alone are fascinating, but the display is what I’d like to comment on.

I think a point of display should be simple and eye-catching. I also believe that the best displays are those that draw the customer in and create an experience for the customer. You can see Tonkinson’s flower design for the display here. Keeping with the flower theme, he created a display that mimics the inside of a flower. The packaging is designed specifically to fit into the display and has simple, chic effect.

I think the whole idea from the product to the packaging is really innovative. The display’s beautiful design visually lures you in and the product is so unique that you can hardly resist to buy it.

“Why interactive works in retail”

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