Bad Retail Marketing

Whilst these, thankfully, tend to be less common than good examples of retail marketing, it is always useful (or amusing at least) to see when retailers get it really wrong!


As much as we’re all for using this erroneous labelling as an excuse for drinking more wine, I’m not sure everyone will agree!!



No thank you, I think I’ll stay right here… Not the best ad placement, even for a funeral service.



Maybe effective in China but I’m not sure these are entirely appropriate, as enticing as they are…



I might not have taken Maths at A Level but even I can work out that this is not exactly value for money!



Not sure I’d be climbing across the tracks to scan that QR code…



But how will we ever choose?!


And finally….


Our gold star award this week goes to Walmart who single handedly managed to insult around 35% of America with their labelling of “fat girl costumes”. I think the idea is to get your customers on side Walmart… not offend pre purchase!!!



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