A Finely-Threaded Machine

A retail crew at Puma recently built a Ferrari to create quite a unique display. A usually highly innovative and technical process that could take days only took this crew a few hours. They built it out of t-shirts, jeans and other Puma stock they had at hand.

Although it only took an afternoon, it took weeks of planning to turn a pile of clothes into a finely-tuned machine.

This creative display is unique and draws a lot of attention, whilst obviously promoting Puma’s link with Formula 1 as well as with other motorsports. Reading about it compelled me to research the brand and even watch a video on YouTube of the whole building process. It’s a well rounded advertising move as it’s a creative in-store display as well as having potential to go viral.

To create the Ferrari Grand Prix car out of designer gear it took 1,500 T-shirts, 88 pairs of Jeans, 20 belts, 26 pairs of shoes and baseball caps. It may look like it’ll go 200 mph, but this set of wheels is staying put.

The final product is impressive, but watching the video is just as awe-inspiring.

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