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Shopper Marketing

Through insight-led shopper marketing and retail design, we influence more shoppers to buy.

The Shopper Agency is one of the fastest growing Shopper marketing companies in Europe. Driving insight, creativity and proven commercial activity we have already attracted global retailers and brands to our successful methodologies.

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Creative Design

We’re shaping retail futures by creating compelling creative ideas that resonate with shopping audiences across the globe.

With our creative hubs spread worldwide we are ideally positioned to understand shopper influences, local cultures and audiences giving great foundations to our creative solutions.

Communicating to shoppers in retail through brilliant creative ideas has been central to the Valley Group’s thinking for over 30 years. We combine innovation with creativity to execute ideas that shape brands and retailers in how they communicate with their shoppers.

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Develop & Manufacture

Manufacturers of In-store displays. Valley’s ‘Smart Thinking’ philosophy continues right through everything we do, including the development & manufacturing of In-store display solutions.

Here our highly experienced and talented teams work together to ensure that both quality and commercial goals are achieved and, unsurprisingly, in many cases exceeded. Rigorous testing, 3D printing and prototyping procedures are followed, guaranteeing ‘right first time’ production with deadlines being met no matter how challenging.

A seamless process guaranteeing our clients speed to market.

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Digital Marketing

In today’s connected world it’s never been easier to scale quickly and globally. We can get you there and our teams are ready to deliver best-in-class mobile and digital marketing solutions.

Simply put, we can design, build and develop digital products and solutions that drive revenue for your business. Our sweet spot is mobile-first, responsive web applications. We constantly push the boundaries, specialising in emerging platforms and interfaces, installations and connected devices.

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Smart Retail Technology

Retail technology is an ever changing beast. More powerful microchips, higher definition screens and fantastic new software drives this market, with the end product being a wealth of big data. At Valley we have been at the cutting edge of this technology for many years and are lucky to have some very prominent partners to support our innovation.

Smart store technology is allowing us to know better how the shopper is engaging with their wants and desires.

• Imagine a store with eyes and ears that feeds all important data back to you daily
• Imagine knowing what the shopper had bought before and what he is looking for today
Imagine knowing that the lady who had entered the store was going to walk out because
she couldn’t find the item she wanted in her size
• Imagine knowing that three people needed assistance from a staff member,
but couldn’t find someone before walking out
• Imagine a shopper looking online and being able to trace the customer journey to store and the purchase of the product

Tomorrows technology is available today – and more! WOW.




We will be checking out all the latest technology at this years AR and VR World in October in London, if you would like to come along too CLICK HERE to find out how to get tickets.

Retail Support

Valley offers a fully integrated, flexible and professional support network to protect your retail investment.

 We co-ordinate all elements of your project implementation, as well as providing ongoing update, merchandising, maintenance and store audit programmes, designed to maximise your retail opportunity. Clients trust Valley for excellence in providing end-to-end service and support in over 40 countries across Europe, Middle East, India and Africa. We have unrivalled coverage, from single country campaigns to multi territory projects, including travel retail, all backed up by Safecontractor accreditation.

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