Bad Retail Marketing

Whilst these, thankfully, tend to be less common than good examples of retail marketing, it is always useful (or amusing at least) to see when retailers get it really wrong!


As much as we’re all for using this erroneous labelling as an excuse for drinking more wine, I’m not sure everyone will agree!!



No thank you, I think I’ll stay right here… Not the best ad placement, even for a funeral service.



Maybe effective in China but I’m not sure these are entirely appropriate, as enticing as they are…



I might not have taken Maths at A Level but even I can work out that this is not exactly value for money!



Not sure I’d be climbing across the tracks to scan that QR code…



But how will we ever choose?!


And finally….


Our gold star award this week goes to Walmart who single handedly managed to insult around 35% of America with their labelling of “fat girl costumes”. I think the idea is to get your customers on side Walmart… not offend pre purchase!!!



Burberry get Personal

Fashion brand Burberry remains one of the most innovative luxury retailers despite it’s traditional heritage. Recently, it has tapped into the trend for personalisation, boasting a customizable scarf bar.


Source: Youtube.

The scarf bar has been launched in store at London’s Regent Street, and allows customers to personalise their own scarf with their initials similar to the infamous Burberry capes (as worn by Cara Delevigne and Rosie Huntington Whitely). Shoppers can create their scarf by choosing from a range of colours and prints, and opting for up to three letters embroidered in a choice of two font sizes.

Burberry have, however, raised the bar even higher in the luxury personalisation stakes, unveiling a personalised responsive digital marketing campaign aimed at promoting the scarf bar. The campaign focuses on technology that recognises user’s location in the world, recommending fabrics and colours to suit the weather conditions where they are.


Source: Marketing Week

With over 60% of luxury fashion consumers aged 16-34 stating their preference for a personalisation service prior to purchase, it appears that Burberry have well and truly hit the nail on the head. They have recognised that their customers are different with unique styles and needs, and created a way for customers to co-create their final product in a world of mass-produced everything.

So this week Burberry get a gold star from Dr Retail for being brave and experimenting with technology to reach the ultimate goal of any retailer- improving the shopper experience.

Storm Desmond will not get the better of Tesco

Tesco has built a 10,000 sq ft temporary store in just 7 days to replace it’s flooded superstore on Warwick Road, Carlisle.


We have all read about the devastating effects of Storm Desmond following a string of terrible storms across the UK, however Tesco have proved that nothing will stop them from serving their customers. Around 100 staff members helped to construct a temporary shop in the original site’s car park in a bid to ensure that the people of Carlisle were not left without essentials and festive favourites just before Christmas.

Screen Shot 2015-12-21 at 13.58.16

Source: The Guardian

Staff were evacuated from the store on the first weekend of December after water rose to waist height and businesses all over the region ground to a halt. The store is currently in the process of being refurbished and is looking to reopen in late January.


Source: The Guardian