Coca-Cola’s One Brand Strategy

Coca-Cola embarks on a major redesign of its marketing strategy that will see it bring all Coke brands under one master Coca-Cola umbrella as part of the “next chapter” of the Coca-Cola evolution.

It is combining all four distinct brands – Coke, Diet Coke, Coke Zero and Coke Life, under one master branding umbrella: Coca-Cola, in a bid to drive unity across the portfolio.

The move will lend Coca-Cola’s brand equity to the other three variants and will double marketing spend for Coke’s low and no sugar products. From May, brand campaigns for Coke Zero will be scrapped and Diet Coke brand campaigns will also be phased out over time in order to create a unified master brand.

Advertising campaigns from May will feature all four products, and the strapline “open happiness” will be replaced with “choose happiness.”

Although all four will feature in campaigns, Coke will be able to “hero” whichever product is most relevant to the campaign.

It is also rolling out new branding across all four Coke variants to create a more visual “common identity” according to Marketing.

Though each product will continue to use its distinctive colour variations– red, black, silver and green, the branding will be uniform with the “Cola-Cola” trademark made larger and more visible.

The new packaging will also introduce colour coded front-of-pack labelling showing fat, saturated fat, salt, sugar and calories.

“Coca-Cola is one of the best-loved and most iconic brands in the world. With our new ‘one brand’ approach, we are uniting four distinct brands under the umbrella of Coca-Cola,” said Jon Woods, GB & Ireland general manager.

“We believe our no and lower sugar variants will benefit from this closer association with Coca-Cola and that featuring all variants in our advertising will make clear to more consumers the full choice we offer them.

“By focusing on building one brand and extending the appeal of the original Coca-Cola across our lower and no sugar variants we believe we can drive sustainable growth for our business in Great Britain in the years ahead”.

Source: Marketing

Google Takes It’s Biggest Step into Bricks and Mortar Retail Yet

Though the company isn’t quite jumping into the physical retail world head first, it is dipping a toe into the water with its new store located in London.

With the rise of e-retailing in the past decade causing a stir within the retailing world, this could be a sign of what is yet to come as Google follow timidly behind other pure play retailers including Amazon, to launch bricks and mortar stores.

The new Google Shop is located within a Currys PC World retailer and offers a full range of Google powered devices including Android mobile phones and Chromebook Laptops, as well as tutorials, classes and events to promote the brand as a whole. The shop also makes the most out of digital marketing features, offering a “Google Earth Wall” which lets customers explore the world using a Google satellite image map dispersed over a tower of screens, and even a digital art wall where customers can recreate the infamous Google logo with a spray can.

Despite no clear plans to launch physical stores in the US, there are plans in the pipeline for more to be opened across England in coming months and we doubt that it’ll stop there… Retailers, beware!