The Latest News from EuroShop 2014

World-renowned retail enterprises present their latest concepts and top-rank retail designers give attendees a peek at their current projects.

EuroShop 2014 News and Trends:

“Light for Brand Communication: When Lighting Becomes a Part of Appearance“

Local and international companies have started to combine lighting planning for showrooms with corporate identity to achieve a holistic brand appearance. The colorful and dynamic appearance on storefronts and in interior spaces will initiate a debate on the role of LED for brand communication

“Video Helpdesk- The Revolutionary Way of In Store Customer Service”

Thomas Roßner introduces something that sounds a bit like science fiction: in-store customer service via video conference. However, this topic is not out of this world, but actually quite down-to-earth. After all, it solves the following routine problem for customers: where can I find an associate in the store, when I don’t know where to go from here?

“360 degree Shopping World for Experiencing”

In Hall 12, you can immerse in the varied world of shopping and experience a lot. In the imposing and 920 square meters booth of Umdasch Shopfitting Group GmbH the company stages exhibition worlds from four areas: Fashion & Lifestyle, Premium & Travel Retail, Food & Care and Virtual Business. It is worth an experience!

“EuroShop Designer Village”

The Designer Village opens its doors for you in Hall 12. Architecture firms and designer studios with a retail and shopfitting focus have truly accomplished a lot here. You can take a stroll through the village alleys, admire modern and top quality design and construction or take a break from the trade fair in the comfortable lounge.

“Digital Advertising on the Store shelf”

Aside from the (especially in food retailing) still popular and favored print advertising with ad flyers or ads in the daily newspaper, other types of advertising, which have a measurable impact on impulse buying directly at the POS, have also established themselves for some time now. New digital advertising solutions play a particularly big role when it comes to what product the customer chooses at the store shelf.

-“Digitalization is essential for capturing the new experience”

An exciting shopping experience is a great shopping experience. What makes it so great? Mainly the kind of presentation at the POS. That’s why digital technologies find more and more areas of application with which retailers can turn shopping into an experience. Klaus Lach, Vice President of the European Visual Marketing Merchandising Association (VMM), talks about the dramatization at the POS, stores that seem to be able to do without products and the creative battle for the customer.

And the key takeaways from this year’s show?

“Retail Is More Innovative Than Ever Before”

Michael Gerling, Managing Director of the EHI Retail Institute
The global retail industry is currently facing some of the biggest challenges in decades. Radical changes in consumer buying behavior, rapid technological change, which enormously influences both the internal processes in companies as well as the sales approach, the advancing globalization of the industry and the emergence of all new types of distribution demand a high degree of entrepreneurship, creativity and innovativeness from retail to be able to also successfully stand its ground in the market in the future.

Manufacturers will turn into retailers

Online retail – challenge and opportunity

Customers want great service and look for a great shopping experience

The retail industry has identified the trends and invests heavily

Online retailers are also successful with their own stores

The percentage of brick-and-mortar retailers in the online sector continues to increase


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