Fab new adaption of the Microsoft Kinect system

At CES 2012, Microsoft has been demonstrating a concept that they hope will one day get adopted by retailers. This electronic mirror relies on the Kinect gaming system and basically allows people to try on clothes before taking their final selection to the dressing room.
Microsoft’s Steve Clayton took time out to show Dr R how the technology works. He demonstrated how he could scroll through a fashion collection on a TV screen to pick clothes and accessories and the system would dress him on screen– it would even move the clothes with him as he turned around or raised his arm.

Dr R noticed this trend recently and wrote about it in his Futuretail report. In conversation with experts about the technology, they told us that these electronic mirrors don’t replace the dressing room experience — but they help shoppers select which items they truly want to try on, making the overall shopping experience more pleasant and satisfying.