UK Summer starts here for Retailers

Sales of barbecue essentials expected to soar

With temperatures set to reach around 20 degrees this weekend, Sainsbury’s said it expects sales of burgers to increase by 300% compared to the previous week.

Bread rolls, burger relishes and marinades are also set to see uplift in sales of 50% and demand for salads could be up by a third.

The retailer is stocking up on summer essentials and expects to sell 25% more summer drinks such as chilled ciders and rosés as people make the most of the light evenings and socialise more.

Sainsbury’s weather expert David Bailey says: “After what seems like a long winter, Brits are understandably very excited about a weekend of sun. Sainsbury’s is making sure we have everything to celebrate the first warm weather of the year.”

He added, “As temperatures hit a high we expect there to be an abundance of BBQs and picnics up and down the country and we will be making sure we have enough for those looking to stock up.”