The Doctors diagnosis of CES 2011

Always searching for new innovations in retail marketing this month I found myself visiting the Consumer Electronics Show 2011in ‘viva’ Las Vegas. The aim of my visit was simple…seek out new technologies, new trends and new methods of maximising retail presence so that we can build into our own offering here at Valley….CES did not disappoint!

I was snapping away so that I could bring some of these fantastic display ideas back to the UK so please have a look through my album below!

After speaking with a cross section of senior marketing professionals at the exhibition what is clear is that shape & form of exhibition stands will indeed find their way into retail environments across the globe so this really is the prime time to collect ideas for in-store marketing displays.

I also discovered that a large presence of designs on show were influenced by household environments. This may be driven by an ever-growing subconscious desire by shoppers to purchase products that can be easily visualised within their very own homes – essentially triggering positive purchasing behaviour. For instance in regards consumer electronics – putting the TV within a ‘home-styled’ retail display allows the consumer to actually imagine it in their own home..really doing the hardest part of in-store marketing in one swoop!!

I have loads more feedback though so if you would like something more concise on CES 2011 I would be more than happy to send you a presentation of my thoughts. Just drop me an email on and I will fire it over!

Xmas figures show more work to be done at point of retail

Sainsbury’s has come out on top as the supermarkets report mixed fortunes over the festive period, according to the latest grocery market share figures from Kantar Worldpanel.

Sainsbury’s was the only Big Four supermarket to increase its market share over the 12 weeks to 26 December 2010, thanks to its more premium positioning and the relaunch of its Taste the Difference range. It now holds 16.6% compared to 16.3% a year ago.

Asda and Morrisons both reported a 0.1% fall in market share during the period, with Morrisons continuing the slide that first emerged last month following three years of positive gains.

This highlights a necessity to continue pushing presense at the point of retail. As competition increases across retail channels and a slow but increasing number of shoppers turning to internet shopping is is Point of Purchases responsability to ensure that consumers are still engaged and enthused within the retail environment – The economy is clearly still extremely dificult so low cost high return methods such as this are key to any marketing strategy.

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