The Valley Group’s new website

After lots of hard work, we’ve now revamped our corporate Valley website. The new site has a lot more movement and even has a miniature James that comes out to speak to you! It’s a lot easier to navigate and allows visitors to easily access information about our company and view some of our case studies.

Go and have a look and feel free to let us know what you think!

Infiniti uses augmented reality for point of purchase display

Following my last post about augmented reality, I have found several more uses of this new technology. Infiniti recently used augmented reality for a point of purchase display which is really eye catching.

Utilising this new technology for point of purchase display is an excellent way to reach consumers. While people are interacting and “playing” they are being given the company’s message, whether that be product information or a promotion.

Shoppers can hardly resist the new technology. Otherwise hard-to-reach consumers are now willingly participating in marketing and advertising.

Infiniti was able to showcase a new product, position itself as a cutting edge company, highlight key features and promote its product in an innovative and fun way.

Hugo Boss uses augmented reality in window display

Christmas is a time for cute window displays with lots of fake snow and waving Santas, but Hugo Boss took another route. They created a large scale interactive augmented reality scene in their shop windows.

A few weeks ago, I saw an advertisement in Stylist, the free weekly magazine, encouraging me to take the ad to the window of Hugo Boss’ London store.

For those of you that are new to augmented reality, the basic idea is to take a certain image and place it in front of a web cam. The program delivering the service responds to the image and then something happens! It can be anything from someone talking to you to a video playing.

Hugo Boss brought this idea to a large scale- a shop-window. When people took cards that were handed out or ads such as the one I saw in the magazine to the window, a sparkly “Season’s Greetings” appeared. A personal fashion show also commenced showing the latest fashions.

Drawing people inside, they had another augmented reality station. By holding their card up to the screen, a game of black jack would start. If their card was a winner they won £50. You could possibly win £250 if you brought one of the ads from Stylist or ShortList.

By using this type of display you can engage with and reach many people. By showcasing something new, people will be interested. Shoppers will be curious and people who see the ad will be motivated to participate. By using something new such as augmented reality, online conversations spark and are spread like wildfire which in turn peaks people’s interest to visit the store or the website.

Hugo Boss really stepped up the window display this season and was able to reach a much wider audience by integrating interaction with a store display in a unique and engaging way.