Small creative businesses popping up all over London

An innovative company called KiosKiosk is offering free and short-term leasing of small pop up kiosks to help new creative start-ups sell their products in an innovative way. The kiosks are opening up around London this summer and are one of the initiatives backed by the London Sustainable Development Commission, working to help creative independent new businesses become a success during tough financial times.

KiosKiosk explain that:

There are over 60,000 design students on design courses in the UK and this is growing at 3% per year. There are significant rises in the number of post grad design students coming to the UK to study as the UK’s reputation for design education continues to grow.

However, the problem lies with how it is now increasingly difficult for any of these students to start their own business when they graduate, retail space isn’t affordable for young people straight out of education.

Businesses that are interested in the kiosks are asked to send in their details along with an explanation of why they feel they deserve one of the kiosks.

The KiosKiosk website is engaging and highly interactive. Those interested can choose which kind of ‘skin’ they want their kiosk to have and there are design choices from floral fabric to corrugated steel. There’s also a calendar explaining who will be in the kiosk and what kind of products they will be selling to give them extra exposure.

Not only is this a great way to help start-ups, it’s a quirky new retail idea and a fantastic opportunity to showcase up and coming creativity. So, look out for one of the kiosks popping up near you this summer!