IKEA enhance loyalty scheme with in-store kiosks

IKEA has launched a new, advanced technology concept in six of its Belgium stores to help encourage customers to join their IKEA family loyalty scheme.

Kiosks positioned around the store allow the customers to sign up to the scheme without the need for staff assistance. The kiosks have been piloted across Europe, with just over 28 now in use.

The kiosks, created by Quant Marketing and Protouch, also provide the user with helpful information about the store, including upcoming promotions, offers and events.

Tim Schroons from IKEA Belgium, said to In-Store News: “We are very happy with the new family registration kiosks in our Belgian stores.

“They gives us a much more efficient way of recruiting new IKEA family members without the presence of a co-worker being required. This versatile solution allows us to recruit new members and have existing members print out a temporary card or update their customer profile in a user friendly way.”

This is a great idea and shows how technology is not only improving the customer experience, but also making business more efficient.

Dior makes over its POP

In order to promote its new fragrance, Ms Dior Cherie L’Eau, luxury brand Dior has begun a new retail concept which adds a unique and elegant twist to the usual point of purchase stands in Boots stores.

In a recent article from ‘In Store News’, Dior’s merchandising manager Nathalie Coloigner said:

“We approached MAD to create a visually impactful POP that would help transform Boots’ generic towers into eye-catching, qualitative and elegant selling units.”

Mad About Design developed new Point of Purchase tower units along with mini selling sites for staff. It’s important for luxury brands to stand out against the competition, particularly during the financial strain when many are opting for cheaper alternatives.

It is also interesting that luxury brands are choosing to branch out from traditional in store promotion strategies and explore more exciting avenues.

Hopefully we will see more experimentation when it comes to Point of Purchase ideas which could change retail experiences in areas which usually don’t push the boundaries.