San Francisco

I was recently in San Francisco on a business trip visiting some of our clients and I managed to squeeze in a couple of hours looking around the shops in the city centre. It’s really impressive, Saks and Bloomingdales particularly stood out for me – their in-store and window displays were fantastic, they’re so keyed into shopper in-sight.

San Francisco seems to be test bed for a lot of major retailers, so it was a great opportunity to go and experience how they do things and take inspiration for our own clients.

It rained a lot while we were there, but I got some in-store shots for you to see.

Next stop, Vegas for the Global Shop conference – watch this space!

Global trends in retail marketing at POPAI Mumbai

I was having a look online the other day and I came across a post on Marketing Interactive about the POPAI India Chapter event held in Mumbai last week.

Richard Blatt, president & CEO of POPAI, presented his thoughts on the new marketing model and the latest trends in retail marketing.

The post covers Blatt’s presentation and his suggestion that the old ways of marketing are a thing of the past. He said; “the traditional marketing mix is changing, but no one has finalized what the new model will be yet.”

Along with this, Blatt also went on to quote Elliott Ettenberg, chairman and CEO of Customer Strategies Worldwide, New York and former chairman and CEO of Bozell Retail Worldwide, who said that “the days of the four P’s – product, price, place and promotion – are a thing of the past; this has given way to the four R’s — relevance, relationship, responsiveness and repetition.”

The post raises some interesting questions and looks at the new trends taking hold of the market, things we all need to be aware of.

Recipease making in store cooking easy

I was reading my feeds this morning and came across a really interesting post on Springwise. It is talking about a new in-store retail unit that is really interactive and cutting edge. The unit has been designed to support Jamie Oliver’s new venture, Recipease. This product gives consumers the opportunity to assemble their own ready-to-cook meals, made from pre-prepared ingredients, made before their arrival.

Consumers can book their sessions online in advance, then simply turn up and find all the ingredients they need, washed, chopped and full prepared. I think this is a great way to encourage healthier eating and appeal to those who or short on time – or simply don’t like peeling spuds!

The service is very tailored, from the ready prepared meals for people in a hurry, to full cooking lessons for those who have a bit more time and maybe want to increase their culinary skills.

Recipease claims to be a place “where anyone can learn to cook and make great food.”

This is not only a great consumer idea, but it is supported by a truly innovative and interactive in-store execution. It embraces the concept of consumer interactivity and aims to equip people with valuable skills to take away with them.

Doctor Retail does Global Shop 2009

It’s that time of year again for Global Shop – so Dr Retail grabbed his suitcase and jetted off to the sunset strip.

And what a great trip it was! Not only did we get to see all the new technology being used across the industry, which we’re excited about implementing for our own clients, but also saw some fabulous displays across all the categories.

This year we spent more time looking at companies who could supply Valley with specialist materials at the best cost. Even with the current exchange rate, we managed to create some good leads and are already specifying certain suppliers to our customers.

The other area of interest to me were the battery powered LED screens. These have great potential to deliver a truly interactive message to the consumers, without the major problem of getting power to the fixture.

However, the winning display for me has to be the Dr Pepper FSU made out of their outer packaging. It was so simple but so clever and effective. Another stand out display was for the film ‘Bolt’. It used a corrugated backboard with a giant inflatable ball on the front section with the character in it – really fun and different.

A selection of images will be uploaded in the next few days so stay tuned. Overall a great trip – see you all next year!