Valley to work with Hovis

Things here have been busy as always, especially as we’ve just won a new account with Premier Foods. We’ve been consulting with them over the launch of a new Healthy Living loaf from Hovis, as fronted by ex-Spice Girl, Emma Bunton.

We’ve helped prepare for the launch across Tesco stores throughout the UK and have really enjoyed working with such a prestigious company.

Our trip to the Westfield centre

Following on from our visit to London for the Retail Trust Ball, myself and my colleague Jonathan went to the Westfield Centre in London.

The place really is amazing and hosts some of the best shop fronts I’ve seen in ages. I like to get out and see the retailers first hand – it’s interesting to see how our designs look in-store, but also to see what’s happening in the industry and what competitors are doing. There are some of the best below.

Finally, Jonathan and I then flew over to Germany to finalise contracts with a company based out there. We did some window shopping again and also indulged in a spot of German beer for good measure.

Valley sponsor the Retail Trust Ball

All the team here at Valley had a fun night out recently at the Retail Trust Ball. We were official sponsors of the ball and are proud to support such a good cause.

The Retail Trust provide support for anyone in retail, including their families and employees. In these tough economic times it’s great that they’re there to offer some support for retailers who have worked in the industry for years.

Kia to double digital spend in 2009

Just read an interesting article by Alex Faber about Kia Motors increasing their digital spend in 2009. They’re planning to double their digital budget and overhaul their website in an attempt to increase brand awareness in the UK.

However, Lawrence Hamilton, their marketing manager said that the overall strategy is to bring people back to the site after the point of purchase.

It is interesting how many big brands are now integrating traditional marketing methods and new media to engage with consumers.

Are you struggling to find a happy balance between the two – or are you particularly proud of your strategy? Do let me know!

Marketing mix, what’s a good budget balance?

A good article here from Business Week about the importance of a balanced marketing mix. It is good to see point of sale being valued and, in some cases, acknowledged as more effective than advertising.

I like the closing quote from the by-lined author, Steve McKee:

“The important thing is intentionally and deliberately to set aside some rational percentage of your sales to get out there. That way, the question you have to answer isn’t “How much should we spend?” but rather, “How do we spend most effectively?”

This has to be a key learning coming out of today’s harsh economic climate.